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Who are we?

We’re HoboHut Media Group, a young and capable media PRODUCTION company run by harry hughes, based in Sydney, Australia.

At Hobohut Media Group, we strive for perfection! You’re paying good money so why not get ensure your next project REALLY stands out.

We offer a variety of production and post-production services such as: on location/in studio audio recording, podcast production, broadcast ready radio commercials, music recording, video commercial production and studio photography.

We’re happy to talk to everyone so if you have something in mind, don’t be shy - give us a call!

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The Team




From the age of 10, Harry has had a love affair with computing, constantly playing with and pulling apart technology- he’d become a cyborg if it were possible. Harry can be seen with his camera, taking photos in the wilds of Sydney; or else mixing sick beats in his bedroom for his next project.

For as long as he can remember, Harry has had an interest in the Australian radio industry, born from his father- a creative writer in the radio industry. Harry’s father used to show him around his workplace, sparking Harry’s fascination with the world of sound and vision. 11 years on, Harry’s passion has only grown, and he is now studying a Bachelor of Media Arts at UNSW and working part time at Macquarie Media.




From an early stage in life, Andrew was always fascinated about how the world works and how everything came together, from how a car operated to how a camera took a photo to be seen later. Many afternoons after school were spent disassembling bits and pieces of equipment and trying to understand how it all worked- this was until Andrew discovered the wonders of the internet. Technology and the whole general notion of how things work take up a big part of Andrew’s mind space. He’s always carrying a spark of curiosity and a desire to understand things at a deeper level.

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If you like what you see and want us to help with your next project, email us via connect@hobohutmedia.com or fill out the form bellow!

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